Southeast Asia’s First Member-Driven Private Exchange


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Hg Exchange (HGX) powers cross-border listing and trading of both digital and non-digital capital market products, through an alliance of leading capital market intermediaries.

Our founding members possess deep domain expertise and a network of 500,000 investors — the culmination of 70 years of experience — to bring a new realm of distinct opportunities from around the globe.

The preferred investment and liquidity avenue


Join HGX to gain access to investment opportunities in private companies and unicorns. Invest in private equity and venture capital deals to diversify your investment portfolio and capture the value of high-growth companies before their IPOs


With a combined network of >500,000 investors and brokers, HGX has one of the largest coverage in the Asian private capital markets. Leverage our network and competencies to sell your company shares so you can unlock the value of your holdings


Member Firms

Built by members for members: together, we shape the workings of the exchange to augment your deal flow and clientele. Join us to maximise investment opportunities and access liquidity for investors and private companies in your network

Structures that work for you

Digital CMPs

One-time digitisation of private securities.

Through digitisation, buying and selling can be done electronically and in smaller lots, so you can trade over and over with ease

One-stop-shop of services.

Complete the entire process from onboarding, to verification, to custodising of securities through HGX and get immediate access to our member network

Low transaction costs and verified supply.

For investors, trading on HGX is a revolutionary experience, and the closest to trading on a public exchange, today

Non-digital CMPs

The conventional way, in high gear.

List and trade securities of private companies in the conventional way, while you capitalise on our combined network of 500,000 investors

A familiar process.

We kept the standard process of a public stock exchange for issuers and sellers, but simplified it and increased confidentiality measures

Bespoke investment solutions.

For investors, a non-digital investment and settlement process allows for bespoke investment solutions familiar to most

Our Network






Years of Track Record

Private securities. Global liquidity.