Diversify your portfolio through the private markets

Google, Amazon, Netflix... ever wondered how you could access such well-known companies before they are publicly traded?

With high-growth companies choosing to stay private longer, a significant part of this rise in value goes to investors who were able to buy the shares way before an IPO. On HGX, you can find and trade shares of the best-in-class private companies disrupting industries to make our lives better.

Manage your liquidity risk

One of the biggest risks of private market investments is the lack of liquidity. With over 500,000 investors on our network, investing via HGX gives investors like you a significant edge in mitigating liquidity risks.

Trading on HGX

Access to promising private companies

Invest in promising private companies

HGX is the destination for quality deals that were once unavailable to the average investor. Find your match — from food technology companies to artificial intelligence unicorns

Capitalise on high-growth trajectories

Cash in on the high-growth potential

As companies delay their IPOs, the majority of value creation now happens when it is still a private entity. Invest early to capitalise on their growth


Manage your liquidity risks

Leverage HGX's 500,000-strong investor network to buy and sell shares of high-growth private companies

Insights by HGX

Extensive industry and company research concentrated on salient points to help you make thoughtful investment decisions.

Invest in the future

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