Employees of Private Companies

Getting equity through an employee share option or stock ownership plan is a benefit enjoyed by many who work for a private company. While it has its advantages, it does not provide liquidity — the ease of selling the asset for cash. Let us help you.

HGX members are licensed entities who have the expertise to assist you with monetising your shares. Leave the search for a buyer, negotiations on the price and filing of paperwork to us.

Investors of Private Companies

Exiting a private investment takes time. Work with us to monetise the shares of a private company, or the entire portfolio of a fund, by listing on the exchange.

Accelerate your exit ahead of the company’s exit strategy. Leverage on the expansive network of HGX’s members to trade thrice as fast than you would with a broker.

Trading on HGX

Access to professional services

HGX members provide end-to-end professional services to minimise complexities in executing private trades. Get support from investment, legal and marketing experts to maximise the success of your trade

Cash in on your investment earlier

With HGX, you no longer need to wait for private companies to go public. Monetise your shares when you need to. HGX unites a pool of investors and brokers that were previously inaccessible to the average private market seller, so you can be matched to the right buyer, faster.

Invest in the future

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